You Don’t Have to Grieve Alone

The loss of a child is tragic and difficult, including the loss by abortion. A woman doesn’t truly know what she will experience after the loss and doing it alone is the last thing you should do. You may have had an abortion thinking it would solve your problems and help you move on, only to find that you have feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. Your body’s hormones may be out of sorts and uncontrollable due to your pregnancy ending unnaturally.  Some may tell you that this will pass, and they aren’t wrong. However, will you truly heal the way you want?

There are resources available to you and to other women who are suffering the loss of a child through abortion. Places like Hope After Abortion , Surrendering the Secret, and By Your Side LA are just a few of the resources out there. By Your Side LA will provide you with someone you can to listen to your story and find the resources you need to heal and move on peacefully. You will also learn from women who have experienced having abortions and suffered through the grieving process as well.  You will find that there is hope at the end of it. You can learn to forgive yourself and learn to look at life in a new way.

Don’t try and sweep this under the rug and deny the pain you are feeling. Even if you put on a game face and can show the world you are fine, eventually the truth finds a way to surface. Bring yourself to a pregnancy resource in your area and visit one of the websites above. You will find peace and healing.