Women Speak for Themselves

In our blogs we speak of healthy strong women taking control of their lives.  Living a life that allows intoxicants, superficial values, un-enlightened entertainment and unhealthy relationships is not living from a position of strength but of dependency and irresponsibility.  The article linked says as much about contraception.

Too often living dependent on things outside of our personal dominion is taking a big risk.  When we drink too much alcohol or take drugs we might think we are funnier, smarter or whatever the case may be.  Yet the reality is we have surrendered our self-control to intoxicants.  It is an escape from reality.

Using contraception is an escape from healthy living - it introduces chemicals and hormones into our bodies that have serious side-effects.  It is also an escape from responsibility.  Taking contraception gives us false comfort that one can have sex with zero consequences. That is always incorrect no matter if the contraception works or fails.  Sex is a big deal.

This article show both a medical and sociological effect of birth control that simply shows that yes sex is not a recreation.  "The data already indicate that even with contraceptives that act less like temporary sterilization (which is how LARCs act) we get a “sex and marriage market” in which sex becomes the price of a relationship and marriage is off the horizon even when there is an unexpected pregnancy. Women (especially poor women) become immiserated in particular. They have more unintended pregnancies, more abortions, and become single mothers or post-aborted mothers far more often."

Read about long acting contraceptives in this fact sheet