Why Pre-Abortion Counseling is Crucial for Your Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

If you are looking to get an abortion, you might think to take an abortion pill as your first step. However, if you are considering an abortion, the most critical first step to take—before the abortion pill or looking into procedures—is to receive pre-abortion counseling to explore your options and assess your pregnancy.

Not all abortion methods are the same. In fact, many can be very physically harmful to an expecting woman depending on how far along she is in her pregnancy. For example, taking an abortion pill too far along in a pregnancy can result in life-threatening bleeding for the pregnant woman. That is why receiving pre-abortion counseling is critical for your physical health. Meeting with someone from a pregnancy resource center for pre-abortion counseling can help you determine how far along you are in your pregnancy and what option might be best for you.

However, the benefits from pre-abortion counseling are not purely physical. It is true that pre-abortion counseling can help you make an informed decision about your pregnancy in regards to your physical health, but that is only the beginning.

Pre-abortion counselors offer a listening ear and create a judgment-free space for women facing unexpected pregnancies to share their hearts with all of their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. These counselors are true allies for expecting women, making sure that no woman ever feels forced or cornered into a decision about her pregnancy. This is crucial to an expecting mother’s emotional and mental health, as women can sadly make choices about their pregnancies from a place of loneliness, fear, or anxiety, or without time to process such a life-altering occurrence. As a result, turning to an abortion procedure or pill immediately after discovering that you are pregnant can leave you feeling isolated and lone, but turning to a pregnancy resource center first connects you with personal support to make sure that you are taken care of emotionally and physically. This support creates the space for you to sort through the range of emotions you may be feeling, as well as make an informed decision about your pregnancy with the knowledge that you are supported and loved no matter what. Making a decision about your pregnancy from a place of support, encouragement, and love, rather than from a place of fear, anxiety, or embarrassment can make all the difference in your mental and emotional health.

If you are interested in receiving free pre-abortion counseling through a pregnancy resource center near you, you can click the chat button or call the Free Women’s Clinic line at 877-398-7734.