Why I quit Facebook

Social media is one of the great technological advances in this modern world. It's a great way to advertise for business, stay connected with family and friends and become part of common interest groups. With all the attractive features of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter how could anyone find anything negative about it? Yet social media can become detrimental to one if consumed by it.

People tend to only post all the good verses the struggles leading to a false idea that life is perfect. Not only that but we ourselves become obsessed with how many likes or comments we get on our posts feeling validated by how many we receive. When someone devotes majority of their time on social media influenced by these posts or how many likes they receive it can make them feel not good enough leading to struggles with self image, relationships, possessions and work life. Watching others lives with the belief they are perfect can make you feel less than and that in turn can lead to a less fulfilling life because you've become envious of what others have. We need to understand that no one is perfect and no one likes to put flaws on their social media accounts.

Life is full of many blessings outside of Facebook that we need to stop and appreciate. We need to learn to be present in our own lives instead of absorbed by the toxic fantasies on social media. I'm just as guilty of mindlessly scrolling as the next person but recently I have stepped away from Facebook for the reasons stated previously. I realized I was becoming consumed and envious or judgemental of what I was seeing and or reading. It was taking time away from my family and things I needed to be doing in my own life.

Logging off and stepping away was one of the best things I could do. I feel more present in my life and no longer feel my life isn't good enough because I don't have as many likes as someone else. There is a whole wide world out there to explore if we only have the courage to unplug.

10 ways to connect socially without social media

1. Ask a friend to meet for coffee or tea
2. Write letters back and forth with a family member or friend
3. Call or FaceTime a friend
4. Start a book club
5. Send out Christmas cards this year
6. Plan a weekend getaway with close friends—make it a tradition every year!
7. Start a text group with a few close friends
8. Get involved with a certain hobby in your community—make new friends!
9. Plan and share a similar goal with someone (work towards running a marathon, then
complete it together)
10. And lastly, be present. Always live in the moment with the people you’re with, focusing on their company instead of technology.