Where to find help during pregnancy

Whether this is your first pregnancy, your second, or beyond it is likely that you do not feel 100% prepared. That’s okay because every pregnancy is different, every person is different, and during each pregnancy your situation you’re facing is different. Seeking help is not shameful but rather already a sign that you’re going to be a great mother to your child.

Finding help from family, friends, or loved ones

These people love you and most likely you’re pretty comfortable with them even if you need to have an uncomfortable conversation about needing support. This is often the first option many women go to when they are in need. However, it is not your only option.
Sometimes seeking and receiving help from loved ones may result in a strain in your relationship. Other times it may draw you closer to each other.

Finding help from a church or other nonprofit

Churches often have specific outreach programs to help those in need. However, even if a church doesn’t have any sort of system in place they are often willing to help. This is a great option to find help if you don’t have a support system in your family or perhaps you’re worried that asking help from family will strain your relationship.
It may be uncomfortable to ask strangers for help. Or maybe you’re not even sure where to go to get the help you need.

Call us

Free Women’s Clinic has a helpline that is specifically open for pregnant women seeking help. We will connect you to an organization in your area where you can get the resources and help you need.

You’re not alone.