Undocumented and Pregnant


If you know someone who is undocumented and pregnant she might feel like she doesn’t have any choices. She is in a strange country, may not speak the language and have more fears than the average pregnant woman.

Did you know that she might be eligible for restricted Medi-Cal or Medi-Caid.  These programs will cover emergency situations and health care for pregnant women.

Currently there are eighteen states that offer prenatal care to undocumented immigrant women.  If your state isn’t on the list that does not mean that you don’t have other options.

Most immigrants can get health care without hurting their immigration status. She can also contact Catholic Charities and you may want to see if the public hospital may help you. Your local church often has a list of resources that can help. Also, if she can pay for health services directly, immigration status might not be an issue. There are many free health clinics. Before she goes, call or have someone call for her just to check if they provide services “regardless of legal status”

There are many people who prey on the fears of undocumented women. They might tell them that they have no choices, and that abortion is their only options. This is not the case. If she feels that she can not raise the child, adoption is an option.

Also there are many free clinics that will help women regardless of status. Call us for a referral. Also, some of these clinics offer free STD screenings. Another great resources is WIC (Women, Infant and Children) in your local area. They offer services to undocumented women who fall within their income guidelines.