The Perfect Family

Your life is exactly where you want it to be. You have the right amount of children, the perfect husband and life is just good. Then one day everything changes. You realize you’re late and find out you're pregnant again. So many thoughts go racing through your mind.

How did this happen?
We don’t want any more children.
Can I handle a newborn again?
My life is perfect the way it is.
What should I do?

With high emotions and countless thoughts, abortion may cross your mind. But then you look at your husband and your children and feel all the love you have for them. You realize you could do this again.

You remember that feeling of holding each of your children when they were born and the joy you’ve had with watching them grow up.

It will be challenging but oh so worth it.

You have to remember in this life we realistically have control over very little, if anything at all. And that you were placed in this exact moment for a reason. You may have thought your family was complete but this new little addition will really make it feel whole.

Your heart is big enough to love another child and with the help of your prior complete family, you can handle anything.