Slow Down. Think for Yourself

Slow down. Think for Yourself. Turn the media onslaught off!  Guaranteed if you open a major website like MSN you will find a story about the royal family - every day and with nothing to say, just blah blah.  Guaranteed if you go to a pop culture or lifestyle website or TV show like ET you will find endless stories of celebrities, mostly bad relationships and an array of basically useless information. Here is a random example of a “who cares” story that bombards us endlessly.

Slow down and turn the crap off.  Websites, Movies, Reality TV and really all sorts of media outlets, websites and magazines exert a big influence on our lives - if we let them.  It is kind of weird actually – it almost seems they want us to believe a certain way or even we must…! It is a bit scary.

Take control of your life and you'll successfully avoid bad situations or bad friends.

Yet, we are what we eat! That goes for media consumption too. So, when it comes to the most important things in life, are we creating down time to reflect and even pray about what is really, truly good for the long term. For example, relationships are a big part of pop culture news. Who is with who. Who cheated on who etc. Should we really get involved and flood our senses with this stuff? It is really sort of misleading and depressing. We have a higher calling.

Be strong and think for yourself.

Never be that consumer who consumes whatever is put in front of you. Group think and being “up to speed” on things is not important for the big picture. What is important is finding values and truths for a long-term and successful life and good relationships.

Besides who needs the mass media endlessly telling me what I should like?! I know what is best for me and it isn’t pointless stories, the next best trinket etc. Everyone eventually must find something more, deeper.  This exercise of searching for meaning and truth and lasting values is the best way to avoid bad situations. So stop, turn off media, think, avoid bad situations and find happiness.