Sex is everywhere. You talk about it, read about it and hear about it in conversations. There is a lot of information out there about sex and relationships, and often it can be confusing.

Your sexuality affects who you are and how you relate to the world. It is much more than the physical act of having sex.

It also includes:

  • Your biological sex
  • How you relate to the opposite sex
  • Your body image
  • Your values and ideas about love and relationships
  • And more

Sex can be part of a healthy relationship, but having sex does not mean you have a relationship. It’s normal to have questions about sex and sexuality. And the good news is the more you know about it, the better you’ll be able to take care of yourself physically and emotionally.

If you have more questions or concerns about your sexual health, we can help. We at Options for Pregnancy can connect you with the information and resources that you need.