Relationship Attachment Styles

Knowing yourself is more than half the battle.  It will help you know more about your relationship attachment style - key to happy living.

The ancient Greeks came to realize that before you can successfully engage the world, a sense of self and what makes you tick is key to future happiness. "Know thyself".

Before engaging in any relationship this is good advice!

How do you see yourself before others, friends, acquaintances and those of the opposite sex.

For the Greeks, "know thyself" was an admonition to know your place before the gods so as not to presume too much.  It was also a way to take on too much; "how can I know other things before I know what I am about".

It should give us pause then to analyze what our motivations and goals are.  What do I want in life - even before I enter into a close relationship?  Is this relationship and becoming close, even intimate, correspond to what my goals are, who I am?

Importantly, how do I attach myself to things and other people and why? My past has clues as to how you cling to things and others.  Men are different from women in why they form relationships.

So how do I attach to people and why?  Is it ok to try and fill a void without thinking of these things?

With this mature approach to life, sexual relationships can be put in a better context.  A calm reflection will help each to see that sex is really a long-term type of commitment, not to be taken lightly.

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