Pregnancy Signs

Think you may be pregnant? Here is a list of some common early signs of pregnancy.


⇒      Spotting or slight cramping: this may occur as early as 6 – 12 days after conception as the embryo connects to the uterine wall.

⇒      Missed menstruation (period)

⇒      Swollen and/or tender breasts: this may be noticed as early as 7 – 14 days after

⇒      Nausea or Morning Sickness: this may happened as early as 7 days after conception

⇒      Backaches: although it is common to experience lower backache throughout a pregnancy, it may occur early on in the pregnancy

⇒      Headaches: may occur due to the sudden increase in hormones due to pregnancy and usually begins early in pregnancy

⇒      Fatigue (tiredness): this symptom may start as early as the first week after conception

⇒      Darkening of Areolas: the outer area of the nipples may darken if you are pregnant

⇒      Constipation: common early symptom of pregnancy as an increase in hormones causes food to pass more slowly through intestines

⇒      Frequent Urination: During the 2nd month after conception (6 – 8 weeks), you may notice urinating more than normal

⇒      Food aversions or cravings


Courtesy of American Pregnancy Association, 2000 – 2010


Courtesy of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 1998 – 2010