Pregnancy—A remarkable journey

Women’s bodies were specifically designed to grow, carry and deliver a baby. During pregnancy women experience many changes to their bodies including hormonal, circulatory, respiratory, metabolic and physical. Some of these changes can be challenging for the expecting mother but all of them are fascinating and amazing to think about what the female body is capable of doing. Hormones changing is probably one that is more commonly experienced by the majority of females during pregnancy, but hormones are responsible for much more than just mood changes. Increased estrogen and progesterone help prepare the woman’s body to carry a baby by improving formation of blood vessels, loosening ligaments and joints and cause the uterus to increase in size to house a full term baby. Hormones are also responsible for preparing the cervix for delivery. A woman’s heart works harder when pregnant to be able to eject more blood with each beat for the growing baby. Along with these changes there are the well known physical changes of weight gain, swelling, increased hair and nail growth and changes to skin.

In recent years, studies regarding fetal cells in a mothers body during pregnancy have been studied. When a woman becomes pregnant, her growing baby and the placenta which provides nutrients to her baby almost feel like an invasion of her body. But that is far from the case, her body is designed to grow and nurture this growing baby. In turn, remarkable benefits of pregnancy happen. Through studies, it has shown fetal cells migrating into the mother’s body. Tests have shown male DNA in a mother who delivered a baby boy decades before. What is fascinating is that these cells have been shown to play a role in healing. Fetal cells found in mother’s scar tissue from a cesarean section is not uncommon. So although during pregnancy there are two very different people involved—mother and child, they are working together simultaneously. It is truly remarkable.

Click here to read the study on fetal cells during pregnancy.

All scientific facts aside, if one sits back and really thinks about what is happening to a woman’s body once pregnant it is pretty amazing. Females were specifically created to grow a human life. Yes pregnancy is hard but it is also a blessing. All of these things have to align and things have to work a certain way for this tiny baby to be conceived and to grow. When looking at the science of it all it is astounding the unseen changes a woman’s body goes through for such a thing to happen. Then once that baby is bigger you get to feel and see the little kicks and movements and begin to wrap your mind around the fact a little human is growing inside of you. Not just anyone can do that. Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing of life and humbleness, in a way that once with child that body is no longer your own but now a home for a little precious baby. And with all of that comes the pregnancy “glow”! The fact that your body is doing this miracle just radiates from inward out. Then there is the unspeakable bond you have once that baby arrives. It is a bond no one but a mother can understand. And all the hardship you endured through pregnancy and labor fades into the background when you’re holding the miracle of the gift of life in your arms.