My Daughter is Pregnant

My Daughter is Pregnant
It can come as a shock if your teen daughter is pregnant or that your son has gotten a girl pregnant. You are not alone... Over a million teens each year tell their parents these words.
Unfortunately, many parents react emotionally and actually isolate the teenager even more. The shock is normal. The news can cause suffering and worry about the future of your child. It even can cause you to feel like a failure as a parent. Yet, as a parent you must put aside the emotions and realize that now, more than ever, your child needs you.
The most important thing is to stay calm. Your daughter came to you, overcoming shame and fear, because she needs your love and guidance. Try to see beyond your own emotions and offer honest and loving support. This will cause your daughter to feel respected and more likely to open up.
  •  Love and support your child.
  •  Listen as she shares her thoughts and concerns.
  •  Don't use words like 'stupid' or 'promiscuous'. This will hamper communication.
  •  Involve those in your family who could help the situation.
  •  Let her/him know you are disappointed. This reaction of yours shows that you do care.
  •  It is fine to cry. Take time out for yourself.
  •  Though your plans for your daughter might have changed forever, avoid projecting your pain on your daughter.
  •  Encourage her to stay in school.
  •  Find the counseling and education regarding pregnancy. You do not have to go through this alone.
Contact us, we can provide free, confidential help and where to find material resources.