MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with Men's Rights

Often we are told what we should think.

Other times we are presented what is "fact" when in reality it is nothing more than an opinion.

Why does this happen? Power and selfishness.

The one with the opinion or the one who tells you what to think is not taking you nor your "good" into account. No, rather that person or group has an agenda and misleading you is how they pursue their goal in spite of what may actually be the truth or benefit you.  Of course, it benefits no one to lie to them!

Today we are told what we should think about politics, gender, feminism, climate, environment and other groups. The internet has super-charged communication blasting us with endless opinions.
Cassie Jay began to think for herself and made a movie about it.

We should pause, listen and think with an openness to truth. This is smart and better for you and those around you.