Marijuana - 5 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Living a healthy life is hard work. It requires taking time to educate yourself, overcome the easy way out on lifestyle and diet, good relationship choices - or if you are even ready to have a relationship, and much more.

Marijuana has grown popular in today's generation in spite of warnings and the many unknowns.  Just in the past few days researches found that marijuana causes your brain to age faster, that there is a link to schizophrenia and a host of other maladies.  In other words, it seems that smoking it is a big deal.

This article gives you the tips you need to be healthy especially if you might be pregnant or are sexually active.

Some takeaways: "Accidental pregnancies happen, and if someone is using drugs in the weeks before they know they're pregnant, that could cause problems for a fetus in its most critical stages.."  and "Breast-feeding moms should avoid marijuana use, because THC, along with some other potentially psychoactive compounds in pot, gets into breast milk".