Hook-Up Sex

When the pain was over, I often lied and claimed pleasure because I was ashamed of the truth.

- -
“Try this diet, it is great for you.”
“Drink this, it's healthy.”
“Don't eat this it's harmful.”

We hear this all the time. Everyday a new fear-based tip is offered.

Have you ever stopped to think who “they” are who say this?

Are they even accurate or do they care if they are accurate?

The answer is for the most that people are projecting their own agenda onto you…

So what about feminism and sex? For decades casual sex with a stranger has been touted as “liberating” or “freedom” and all the weak-sauce explanations of why it is just “not a big deal” whatsoever.

This is just another example of a fact-less agenda that is being projected into your life without a care in the world about how it affects you personally. It is social engineering propaganda and you are not privy to the real consequences.

Sexual integrity is based on truths of what is good for any person. The difference between propaganda and truth is that the latter is good for you regardless of opinions.

Sexual liberation as defined by feminism and the sexual revolution and pushed by pornographers and entertainers in Hollywood and mass media has failed. It fails individuals and has failed our country.

The sexual liberation propaganda has failed to tell you the truth. Read her story.

In a culture claiming to promote gender equality, I believe hooking up has taken a dramatic step in the wrong direction. Whether we like it or not, sex is intrinsically biased against the woman: biological reality dictates that she carries the brunt of sexual risks while he wields the majority of the sexual power.