Holiday Time- Depressed? Feeling a Little Blue?



Do you always feel bluesy around the holidays? You might feel a little depressed, or just blue from time to time. Is it because you feel overwhelmed because there is so much to do? Maybe there just isn’t enough to do.

High expectations, money woes, and other holiday hazards can spell trouble for anyone, but especially those prone to depression.


Here are some helpful hints to help you actually enjoy the holidays.

  1.     Simplify-  Do you really need to get everyone a gift? What would happen if you didn’t? What if you make them something simple and meaningful like homemade cookies or a “coffee date”? Think outside of the box.
  2.     Give- Its easy to give to friends and family but what about a person in need? Have you considered volunteering at  a local non-profit? Sometimes the best way to avoid feeling sorry for yourself is doing good for others. It doesn’t have to be a big thing either. Think about practicing small random acts of kindness. You can visit The Happiness Project ( for some great ideas.
  3.     Don’t Compare-this is a great habit to have all year long. It can be exhausting keeping up with everyone else. How many times a day do you compare yourself to others? What they have and what they look like? Give yourself the best present this holiday season and stop comparing yourself to others. It will make you so much happier.
  4.     Friend time – do you spend the holidays with your family or just your boyfriend? Make some time for other people- plan a girls night out, a coffee date, a dinner out with some old friends.  Make sure you choose friends that don’t bring you down or criticize. Spend some time with a joyful, kind friend .
  5.     You time- If you are a person that spends all their time doing things for others (your family, boyfriend, other people), make sure you take some time for yourself. Use this time to take a walk, pray, read or meditate. Journaling is very helpful, especially if you have a lot of thoughts running through your head.  Want to see a movie? Go to a matinee by yourself – you don’t need to be with other people to have a good time and being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

If you find that you just can’t shake the blues, talk to someone. There is no harm with seeking out a friend , clergy member, or even a professional. Many people struggle during the holidays and you do not have to struggle alone. You might feel like the whole world is having a good time and you are the only one left out. This is not true at all.  If you need to talk, we are always here and we do wish you a happy holiday season.