What Happens When You Have Your First Child?

If you are like many women just finding out you are pregnant with your first child, you are experiencing a wealth of emotions and thoughts are racing through your mind. If you are like my wife when she found out she was pregnant with our first child, you are freaking out.  My wife’s pregnancy was a total surprise and she felt like she had messed up.  She was starting out in a new and exciting career and we had just gotten married a couple weeks earlier. We were not what you would say “ready to get pregnant”. We wanted to experience life as a newlywed couple and travel before we had kids.  Now we’re pregnant and our life has totally changed.

When my wife told me the news she was bawling her eyes out. She did not want to be pregnant and felt like it was her fault that our life plans were going to change. On top of that she thought I was going to be upset. But to her surprise I was ecstatic and was beside myself that I was a new father. Yes, the thought of not being able to travel whenever we wanted was a little disappointing, but looking back now we still can travel pretty much whenever we want and we are so happy to do so with our kids. As far as my wife’s work went, the pregnancy did not hamper her ability to flourish and move up. Maybe it took a bit longer to move up, but in the grand scheme of things that little bit was nothing compared to a lifetime of a career.

Fairly quickly my wife overcame her initial response and preparations for the new baby began. Baby and maternity clothes were piled high, the baby shower was planned and was a blast, and our new son came into our lives like a dream.  We were overwhelmed by the amount of love we had for our son and could not wait to welcome him home. We were so proud to bring our son home and begin life as a family together.  Suddenly, my wife and I were not living for ourselves, but for another human being that depended on us. Our life’s purpose became so much bigger than ourselves in the most beautiful way and we grew stronger as a couple.

You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and scared after finding out you’re pregnant.  Even though your pregnancy is unexpected, it is truly a blessing. My wife laughs every time she looks back on that day she found out she was pregnant because she cannot imagine life without our son. Now, we have three more children with one on the way! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and your body knows how to handle it. If you are worried about the resources, please visit one of our facilities.  You will never have to go through this alone!