Give Your Boyfriend the Benefit of the Doubt

Like many young women in your situation, you are faced with a difficult decision to make.  You just found out you’re pregnant and you’re leaning towards an abortion for a number of reasons.  If one of these reasons is because you’re afraid of how your boyfriend (or husband) may react, hear me out.

Men, despite how they act or are often portrayed on television and in movies, have a deep innate nature to protect.  It goes back thousands of years to when men were cracking sabretooth tigers over the head with clubs! Our instincts tell us to fight or flee in adverse situations, and when loved ones are involved we go above and beyond to ensure they are protected.  Sure, there are cowards out there who selfishly jump ship first, but how often do you really see that?

What I am getting at here is to give your boyfriend a chance to see how he will react to the news of you being pregnant.  One of several things could happen: He’ll want you to get an abortion, he’ll walk away, or he will man up and stand by your side. If he goes for the latter, then you know what kind of man he is and can trust that he will protect you. If he goes for the other options, which is why you’re afraid in the first place, do not be discouraged. There are options to choose from that will benefit you tremendously.

The innate nature to protect does not lie solely with men (as a woman, I am sure you already know that).  Women were created with the abilities (and built in resources) to care for a child. Today you are faced with career and school responsibilities, and having a child is looked at as a barrier to achieving your goals.  Do not sell yourself short by having an abortion.  If you decide you cannot have a child right now, that’s OK. But you still have nine months to work and go to school, or care for the children you already have. There are couples out there who are unable to have children and would love to adopt a child into their family. You could allow them a chance to fulfill their dreams. I am certain you will be much happier with that decision.

You are not alone in this decision and will never be alone during your pregnancy, because we are here for you! You can also reach out to your family members and friends who believe in you and will support you.  Use our website to find a pregnancy center or clinic near you who will offer support and guidance throughout this difficult time. You will find that this unexpected pregnancy is really a blessing in disguise.