Gift Yourself with Health During the Holidays

The holidays can be the most joyful and the most stressful time of year. With all of the office parties, family get-togethers, community activities, and delicious treats available to enjoy this holiday season, it’s important to keep you and your family healthy. Take care this season with some of these tips.

Avoid Illness

With many people contracting illnesses this time of year, remember to wash your hands often. When you’re on the go, carry hand sanitizer or wipes with you. Check the weather before leaving the house and bundle up in easy to discard layers. You can also keep some extra clothes handy in your bag or car for easy access. Another great way to stay healthy during the hectic holiday season is through sleep. Rejuvenate your mind and body with an adequate amount of rest. Staying physically active throughout the week and staying hydrated with plenty of water will also promote your health during the business of the season. Also, be aware of your children’s health. Illness passes all too easily through families once a child is sick. Keep their immune systems strong with vitamins and healthy foods, and stay vigilant in order to catch any signs of illness quickly.

Feed Your Immune System

The best way to manage illness is to prevent it! Make sure you’re taking your daily dose of Vitamin C to ward off any viruses. Another way to protect your body from illness is through eating right. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet for more energy and strength. Although there are many delicious treats to enjoy during the holidays, practicing moderation and indulging wisely will allow you to still enjoy the holiday delicacies and maintain your physical health. If you’re looking to save money and calories, consider packing a lunch and/or snacks in advance when you plan to be out for long periods of time. Also, be wary of undercooked foods. Food preparation safety is key when cooking for yourself and others during the holiday season.

Keep Your Mind Sharp

Keep your mind healthy in the midst of the busy holidays by actively managing stress. There’s bound to be a lot going on this time of year – gifts to purchase and wrap, events to host, parties to attend, food to cook... Although stressful moments are bound to happen, choose to take them with a grain of salt and keep a positive outlook. (Vitamin D is a great way to boost your mood naturally!) This is supposed to be a joyful time of year, so do your best to accomplish your tasks, manage your time wisely, make an organized to do list, and delegate when possible. Ultimately, remember you’re only one person. As long as everyone is enjoying this time of year, the details aren’t too important.

Limit the Social Media Consumption

With the proliferation of digital media, it seems everyone’s life is picture-perfect while your days are messy, overwhelming, hectic, and challenging. Although social media platforms were meant to connect us with one another, they can make us feel lonelier than ever. Remember this season that everyone on social media is just like you. They are all putting the best versions of themselves on display, as do you on your own social media profiles. If you’re still feeling discouraged, consider closing your laptop or exiting your mobile app and just live in the moment. They’ll be there when you return.

Travel Safely

Many people are on the road running errands, attending events, and traveling to visit loved ones. When driving, be aware of any road hazards, especially adverse weather conditions. When in doubt, slow down. You may be in a rush to reach your destination, but it’ll take you a lot longer to get there when you’re stopped by a traffic ticket or an accident. Instead, prepare ahead of time by tracking road conditions on a mobile app and leave a little earlier than you normally would. If you decide to indulge in an alcoholic drink or two, designate a driver in advance or call for a ride. It’s not worth ruining the holidays for yourself or anyone else on the road.

Be Wary of Household Hazards

Cooking, baking, and warming up by the fireplace are lovely ways to enjoy the holiday season. However, they also pose possible risks. Turn off appliances when you’re done using them and don’t fall asleep with the fireplace on. Another safety tip is to be careful while decorating. Many holiday injuries occur due to accidents around the house. Use a reliable ladder, get someone to help you, take your time, and thoroughly clean up after any shattered glass bulbs or other broken items.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Finally, take a few moments to remember what the holiday season is really about. Sometimes family traditions consume our schedules to the point of forgetting why we’re doing them in the first place. In the midst of the rush, the errands, and the obligations, remember that this is a time to be grateful for what you have, to give generously, and to spend time with the people you love. Cook dinner and bake desserts together as a family. Take it easy. Enjoy a Christmas movie and hot cocoa by the fire. Walk around a local neighborhood to look at the lights. There’s so much to enjoy about the season, so don’t let that opportunity pass you by.