Dates with New Baby

So you have a new baby and you have been cooped up in the house for about a month and are ready to get out as a family. Getting out is great, creates good memories and keeps you sane. It’s great for your relationship with your spouse which you need.

Parks and Beaches- the key to this is to go somewhere new so it is an adventure for the two of you.

Family story time at the local library or community center- It’s for your baby but who doesn’t like a good story?

Go out to a restaurant? No, I am not crazy. I was so afraid of going to a restaurant with a baby till we actually did it. We found a small family friendly diner and a high chair. We had a great time and it was not that inconvenient or expensive.

Have a Picnic- Go to a park and enjoy a picnic together. Get whatever food is easiest and cleanest for baby- you don’t have to be fancy for baby but get yourself something special (or just some take out) and enjoy!

Just Drive! I can not tell you how amazing getting out and driving can be. You don’t have to have a destination,  but if your baby sleeps in the car it can be a dream. You can even stop and get some coffee at the drive-thru and enjoy!

Fairs and Farmer’s markets- These are my personal favorites. Baby can look around at all the people and you can have a wonderful adventure. I love going to the farmers market, tasting the samples and looking at all the local delights.

In-home dates- Babies go to sleep early so take advantage and have some in-home dates. Get some wine, cheese and a good movie or get a board game. Spend that time with each other rather than catching up on work or your smart phone.  I know those dishes have to be done, but for one night a week they can wait.

Invite people over- do you feel like you can’t ever see your friends? Invite them over for a BBQ or a game night. Make it a potluck or just do dessert if you’d rather.  If your friends have children too, pool your resources and get a sitter so you can both go out or even better, take turns giving the other a free night of babysitting.

Be a little creative and have fun!!