Considering Abortion?

If you didn't expect to be pregnant, you might be considering an abortion.

Before moving ahead... We can provide free medical services (before going to Planned Parenthood or Family Planning Associates which charge for services). 

See this checklist of healthy steps: 

1. Get free medical services before you make a decision.

Call us and we can find the nearest FREE Clinic.  Talk this through and see first if you are pregnant and if abortion is even needed.  You will be free from pressure to make money off your decision.


2. Confirm your pregnancy .

We can set you up with a reliable and free pregnancy test.


3. Confirm your pregnancy is viable

There is a small chance of a miscarriage which means your pregnancy ends naturally. 

You can set up a free ultrasound to find out if you have a healthy pregnancy.

You may not need an abortion. 

Click here for Free Medical Services

Also see Abortion Answers and Patient Safety Consent

Contact us. It is free and confidential.