Oh boy. You just found out you’re pregnant, but this time you’re not jumping for joy. Why? Because you already have young kids who suck the life out of you, and you and your husband are barely making ends meet. Or, you are at the top of your game at work and the only direction you are heading is up…until now. Not to mention what your friends are going say when they find out you’re pregnant again! You just can’t do this right now, right?

Wrong. You can! Do you know why? Because you are a woman, and women are strong! You have overcome many diverse situations and have adapted to different environments. Don’t let fear and the thought of what others may think blindside you into selling yourself short of what you can achieve in your wonderful life. A friend of mine and his wife just had twin girls, with five kids already at home! Crazy, right? When they found out they were pregnant, they were nervous. But when they found out they were having twins---they nearly passed out.  Talk about a fear of the unknown! Let me tell you, though---they are doing great. Yes, life at home is chaotic at times, but they love it. They have a ton of support from friends and family, but most importantly they have each other. They work as a team and get things done. Their others kids love the twins and help out as much as they can.

If you feel like you don’t have the support needed to get through another pregnancy and having another child at home, please visit a pregnancy resource center in your area. The caring staff are ready to help you through this next adventure. You have more than one option available to you during this time in your life. Can you imagine life without one of the children you already have at home? Won’t you feel the same way after your next child is born? Who knows, maybe this will be the kid who says no when the other siblings want to put you in a rest home later.