How You Can Help Your Boyfriend Prepare For Fatherhood

First, I’d like to congratulate you on your pregnancy! A new baby is so exciting and becoming a parent is the most rewarding job out there! It is OK if you are scared and unsure of what the future holds, but let me assure you that it all gets so much better. Please also know that if you have a boyfriend who is upset about your pregnancy, both of you are not alone.  For a man, becoming a father comes with a load of responsibility and the thought of this is intimidating. But every man is equipped to be a good father, whether he knows it or not. Below are some ways to help your boyfriend prepare for fatherhood.

  1. Let him see the faith you have in him

For any new father, young or not so young, becoming a father for the first time can bring up a lot of thoughts and emotions.  Some men will doubt their ability to care for you and your baby, either financially or emotionally. Being a good parent and provider does not always come naturally, so it is important that you are patient and understanding with your boyfriend when he gets overwhelmed. Assure him that you trust him and believe he will be a great dad and provider. All men are wired to take care of others and protect their loved ones, even when it is unexpected.

  1. Help him find mentors

Your boyfriend can benefit greatly from spending time with guys that are fathers.  Help him find a support network of seasoned fathers who you know will serve as great mentors for your boyfriend. This is particularly important if your boyfriend’s own father is not someone he can turn to for help and guidance.

  1. Talk about marriage

I cannot speak for how both of you feel about getting married, but it is something to at least talk about.  Marriage makes sense when the two of you have a child together and it can make things easier in the long run. Your child deserves both parents to be present and in a home together, committed to raising a whole family.

  1. Communicate

One of the worst things you can do in your relationship is not talk to another openly and lovingly. Your lives have changed and there may be some bumps along the way. So talk about your frustrations and fears, and overcome them together. Men are naturally more physical beings and women are more emotional, so your boyfriend may take a while to learn how to communicate with you. Be patient and let him know that you will always be here for him. He will learn to do the same for you.