How To Afford Another Child


We are pregnant….again?


We can’t afford a second child!


The thought of a second child can be overwhelming to some women. The first child was so expensive. How could you possibly do it again?


But does it really cost as much as you think? Doing a little bit of research I realized that having a second child is much less expensive than the first.

Housing- Do you need another house? It might be a little bit more crowded but having another child doesn’t have to add any more money to housing costs. Just think, Jim Gaffigan and his wife have five children in a 2 bedroom apartment building in New York City.

Food- If you are breastfeeding it won’t really cost for another child. Now food costs will increase as your child gets older. Consider a community food co-op or food buying program.  If it is outside your budget, government programs such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children) can help. Diapers- Yes, there will be diaper costs, unless you choose to use cloth ones  which will be minimal

“Financially, a second child seems to not be as financially painful as the first one, as there are expenses that are shared between the children. I should also add that according to our calculations, with a family of three, we will actually save money after we move into a home once we consider all of the tax benefits and the opportunities for more frugality (our own washer and dryer plus our own deep freezer will add up to some serious savings on a weekly basis).” –Simple Dollar

Child Care- Many states like the state of Illinois offers child care assistance.

Also many churches and private institutions offer help.

Clothes- Clothes will cost more as the child gets older, but initially it doesn’t have to cost that much. Use what you have, borrow, or go on sites like cragistlist, varagesale or mom to mom sales. You can usually get a lot of clothes for under $100.

Large Supplies- You won’t need that much more since you can reuse what you had.

Tax benefits- You will get tax benefits for having a second child.

A second child might not cost as much as you think. You might have to get a little bit more creative, but don’t assume you can’t afford another one. Do some research, look at your options, and always feel free to call us for support or recommendations.